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Number Date    Subject
Marina-Advisory 2022-58 10/14/2022 Implementation of the Enhanced Standard Practical Assessment Scenarios for Support Level
Marina-Advisory 2022-41 08/04/2022 Clarification on the Extension of Validity of STCW Certificates
Marina-Advisory 2022-35 05/20/2022 MISMO Related Updates
Marina-Advisory 2022-22 03/11/2022 Moratorium on the Accreditation of Assessment Center and Approval for the Conduct of Assessment of Competency in National Capital Region (NCR) and Region VII
Marina-Advisory 2022-20 03/11/2022 Implementation of the Practical Assessment Enhanced Standard Scenarios for Merchant Marine Officers
Marina-Advisory 2022-11 02/18/2022 Additional Features of the MARINA Competency Review Portal (CRP)
Marina-Advisory 2022-10 02/05/2022 Conduct of Theoretical Examination in the MARINA Regional Offices (MROs)
Marina-Advisory 2022-08 02/04/2022 Additional Guidelines on the Application and Issuance of STCW Certificates
Marina-Advisory 2022-05 01/20/2022 Guidelines on the Encoding of Relevant Information in the MARINA Integrated Seafarer’s Management Online (MISMO) System Relative to Medical Fitness and Sea Service
Marina-Advisory 2022-04 12/21/2022 Ammendment to MARINA Advisory No. 2021-65


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